The day after one of the big nor’easters hit us pretty hard here, I stopped by our farm market to see how things were looking. The power was out, and there was one car in the parking lot. So by chance, I got to meet Lindy, a super-nice regular customer of Profeta Farms market whom I had never run into before. She was out of her car in the frigid cold, snapping a few pictures. I introduced myself and learned that she was there hoping the store would be open, so that she could buy ingredients for her son Andrew’s school project about local food. That made my ears prick up! As a mom of young kids, and a passionate advocate for getting local farm food into schools and educating kids about all the benefits of eating and buying local and organic food, I thought this sounded pretty interesting!

Lindy shared with me that Andrew loves to cook. For his Culinary Arts class at Bridgewater/Raritan High School, he was assigned a project focused on how local food has the most flavor and nutritional value, since it doesn’t have to be picked before it is fully ripened and then shipped a long distance to get to the store, and Andrew thought immediately of Profeta Farms. (btw, this encounter and conversation made me an extremely happy founder of a new small business!) Lindy said that everything being certified organic, in addition to locally grown, was an added bonus. Well, it sounded to me as though Andrew was the absolutely perfect person to deliver our “Beyond Organic” message to his schoolmates! Not only that, but he had the brilliant idea of making his own candied bacon bits from our organic pasture raised hogs to sprinkle over his apple crumble shortbread pie! Yum!

The idea that you should not have to choose between local or organic was what drove our effort to gain organic certification when we were starting up our farm. We started our farm because we wanted to grow our own food that would be much, much more nutritious and delicious than anything we could buy anywhere else.

Thank you, Andrew, for helping us to spread our passion in the local community, and for bringing our message into your classroom to educate your classmates and teachers!

Andrew’s All Seasons Eatery presentation, featuring seasonal menus he created from our farm market offerings. Like a good local foodie, for ingredients that were not produced on our farm, Andrew specifies exactly how many miles away each originated. (Spoiler alert: The organic apples came from Washington state. We do offer great local organic apples in season!) The presentation also includes the recipe for his delicious pie. Lindy recommends pairing it with local, organic vanilla ice cream!

And here is Andrew’s recipe, as promised. Don’t forget the candied bacon bits!


Joanne Malino

Joanne Malino

Joanne Malino, a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, co-founded Profeta Farms with her husband, Paul Profeta, and General Manager, John Place. Joanne helps people to optimize their health and energy by choosing the best, cleanest, most wholesome foods available. She is passionate about providing a wide variety of local, organic, great-tasting foods to the surrounding area, and educating people about the importance of knowing where their food comes from.


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