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Offering both raw and pasteurized cheeses made from cow, goat, and sheep’s milk, we’ve taken care to select the best and most humanely produced cheeses available. Our focus is local cheese, highlighting the dedication and craftmanship of our neighbors, but you’ll also find traditional and rare cheeses from around the world at our cheese counter.

We have a wide array of cheeses with profiles ranging from soft to hard, mild to pungent. You’ll be sure to find one to please the palate and pair well with any meal or occasion. Looking to create the perfect cheese plate or searching for the perfect melting cheese for your grilled cheese? Our knowledgeable cheese monger will be happy to assist you…and maybe give you a sample or two!

*Specialty Cheese Exemption: We realize that many of our local artisan cheesemakers are producing cheese using organic methods without being officially certified. We have made a concession to allow for the sale of thoroughly vetted local cheese, made with approved processes but without certification, in support of our partner local dairies.

Meet Michel Lemmerling

Head Cheese Monger

Cheese has been a family affair for Michel Lemmerling. It began in 1887 when his great-grandmother opened a high-end specialty food store in Belgium, a business that was eventually passed down to Michel in 1974 after serving in the Belgium army. The store was especially well-known for their cheese selection. Through the years, Michel mastered his pallet and knowledge of all things cheese and later became a “Taste Fromage” through the Confrerie des chevaliers du taste-fromage de France, an organization that specializes in showcasing, preserving and recognizing the traditions of quality cheesemaking.

In 1988, the opportunity arose to relocate to the US to take ownership of “Bon Appetit”, a specialty food store in Princeton, NJ. The store featured nearly 250 varieties of high-quality cheeses and other hard-to-come-by items such as caviar and foie gras. Michel’s passion and knowledge of fine foods drew a large customer base, leading to rave reviews in several publications and a few television interviews as well.

Michel left “Bon Appetit” in 2009 to enjoy a year and a half of retirement, but he re-entered the working world when he was asked to establish the cheese department at Brick Farm Market in Hopewell, NJ in 2012. At the market, Michel was in charge of buying, selling, marketing and training a new generation of cheese mongers. After 6 years, Michel left Brick Farm Market to join the Profeta Farms team as head cheese monger and creator of the cheese department in the new indoor market.

When he’s not behind the cheese counter, you can find Michel volunteering for the Sergeantsville Fire Company, traveling and visiting his children and grandchildren, and caring for his wife Muffie’s horses.

*Our menus are seasonal and change frequently. If you have special order needs, let us know. Our culinary team is happy to explore ways we can meet create something special, just for you.

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Profeta Farms strives to create a diverse food system that promotes healthy soil, plants, animals, and people. Our onsite full-service Market  carries a selection of farm fresh meats and produce, as well as foods thoughtfully prepared by our chefs. We’re here to help you revolutionize the way you eat.

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