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Profeta Farms was founded by three people: Paul Profeta, his wife Joanne Malino, and general manager John Place.

Paul Profeta has had a very varied life. He started his career as a commercial real estate investor. More recently, he founded the Profeta Urban Investment Foundation and partnered with Rutgers Business School to help launch minority businesses in Newark. That Foundation has now launched twelve businesses and has four more queued up for launch this year.


Joanne Malinois a certified Integrative Nutrition counselor. She is dedicated to helping people to optimize their health, energy and productivity by choosing the best, cleanest, most wholesome foods available. She is currently writing a nutrition book for busy professionals who think they do not have time to clean up their diet.


John Place is the General Manager of Profeta Farms. John’s interest in pastured livestock began as a college student studying agriculture in New Zealand. It became obvious after exposure to their pasture based systems vs. our conventional grain based systems that the natural way is much healthier for the animals, the farm, the farmer, the environment, and those consuming the foods that are produced. Healthy food starts with healthy soil teeming with microbes, minerals, insects and worms. Our conventional system renders the soil sterile, using it purely as a medium in which to stick our crops. Rotational grazing systems, organic management and avoidance of herbicides and pesticides are key to creating a healthy soil to nourish our crops and pastures, which in turn nourish our animals and vegetables, and nourish us. John lives this dream first hand at Keepsake Farm, a grass-based Raw Milk Dairy in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, that he owns, operates and calls his home.



A few years ago, Joanne got Paul very interested in the quality of the food he was eating. And Paul’s daughter is an integrative medical doctor, one of the first in New Jersey, practicing on staff at Morristown Medical Center. With their influence, he got very focused on his health, his environment and his food. Initially he began to consume only food stamped “Certified Organic” by the USDA. After studying the USDA certification requirements, Paul became very disappointed in the ways that our government cooperates with industrialized food companies to mislead the public as to what is really good, clean, wholesome food grown organically. He became interested in locally grown foods as a way to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping internationally or cross-country. Local organic farms offers consumers the added confidence of knowing the origin of their food, instead of relying on foreign organic stickers of dubious origin, or domestic certified organic food produced with cruel and unsanitary factory farming practices. These interests led to the genesis of Profeta Farms, on 370 beautiful acres on Route 202 South in Readington, New Jersey.


A brand new 25,000 square foot farm store is currently under construction on the site. It will be the first farm store in the country where a shopper can buy all of his or her food Certified Organic and grown on that site. Right now, all of the chickens, eggs, beef, pork and vegetables are grown on the farm and are Certified Organic. The dairy products are brought in from another Certified Organic grass-fed dairy farm. We expect our dairy operation to be up and running next year, allowing Profeta Farms to fulfill our mission: to offer only food that is Certified Organic and grown at our farm.

Local_Farm_Stand_tomato-300x225Profeta Farms is holding itself to a higher standard than the USDA rules. We call it “BEYOND ORGANIC.”

We hope that this venture will be a success and will become a template for other local organic agricultural efforts across the country. Paul, Joanne, and John believe this is the way the country should feed itself, and we are starting right here!

If you would like to be involved in this cutting edge endeavor, please email Paul Profeta directly at info@profetafarms.com.



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